I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

One of the things that gets away from me is my desktop.  Not my real desktop, which is my lap most days, (donations toward a proper chair can be made directly) but the computer’s desktop.   When you start up your computer there is the starting screen – that is the desktop. And if you do any amount of downloading or uploading or typing, you can end up with quite a mess on there – all my most commonly used programs are on there, my windows vista sidebar, calendar, pretty picture, commonly used files, recent downloads, a few files, and a few zipped things which I haven’t managed to open yet.

That’s me.  What about you?  Are you a bit OCD about your desktop?  Or does it get the best of you too?  If you want to share your desktop tips and tricks (or woes), I’d be so tickled to have company.  Let me know in a comment so I can check it out!

Here’s my completely unabridged, un-touched-up desktop this morning:


Show me yours, if you dare!

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