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Hello friends,

The world feels heavy right now and I felt compelled to share a little love and light into the darkness in the form of some inspirational wallpapers. Just the act of creating brings a calm and centering to my world. I hope by glancing at these through out your day, you may experience a brief bit of calm. And if you pray, join me as we pray for our international community.

Remember to do what you can without over whelming yourself, take social media breaks often, and if the weight feels too heavy to carry, give it to God to hold for a while.

I hope these wallpapers will serve as a reminder every time you see them.

  1. Using your phone, right-click on your desired image.
  2. Select ‘save to device’ or something similar.
  3. Open the photo.
  4. In the ‘more’ or ‘share’ menu you’ll find an option to ‘set as wallpaper’, ‘screensaver’, or ‘lock screen’.
  5. That’s it! 🙂

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