We LOVE WordPress 4.9 and you will too!

Here are the main points to WordPress 4.9


  • Drafting and scheduling of changes in the Customizer.
  • Once you save or schedule a change, when any user comes into the Customizer the pending changes will be autoloaded.
  • A button is provided to discard changes to restore the Customizer to the last published state.
  • Addition of a frontend preview link to the Customizer, for non-logged in users.
  • Addition of autosave revisions in the Customizer
  • A brand new theme browsing experience in the Customizer
  • Improve the flow for creating new menus in the Customizer


  • Support for videos from providers other than YouTube and Vimeo in the Video widget
  • Media: Make captions responsive
  • Media: fix header crops in Customizer
  • Media: Store video creation date in meta


  • NEW Gallery widget
  • Support for shortcodes in Text widgets
  • Support for adding media to Text widgets
  • Addition of dirty state for widgets on the Administration Screen, indicating when a widget has been successfully saved and showing an “Are you sure?” dialog when attempting to leave without saving changes