How to Make Your Blog Load in Under 4 Seconds

When an expert says “do this”, I rarely do it. I’m one of those annoying “why” people. I know, you hate me, right?

I will always be a why person, but sometimes I trust people’s advice when they ‘have their reasons’ because I value or respect them. It’s the person I trust, not really the tip or advice.

So when the best hosting company around says, “use W3 Total Cache” I did. When it didn’t work, they told me which settings to use, so I did. When that didn’t work, we hired the W3 Total Cache crew to install and configure. That worked to a point.

I’m NOT bashing W3 Total Cache – it has its place. I am not a caching expert. I know the basic premise, I know how the components work, I know what should or should not work. W3 Total Cache should work. But in practice it rarely does for a certain demographic:

  • geographically centered around USA
  • busy – more than 60k hits per month
  • supported by ads, 6+ ads per page

That is not the only demographic that needs their website to load faster, but that is the demographic that I’m familiar with and have tested extensively.

My tests include hosting from GoDaddy/Bluehost to WebSynthesis/Orange Geek – that was bad to good by the way. I mention hosting because it plays such a big part of the website loading puzzle.

Make Your Blog Load Faster

So. Drumroll please… introducing WP Rocket. (35% off Black Friday!!)

This little plugin is my new best friend. If you didn’t know – I work with a lot of intermediate to advanced bloggers – they have huge blogs, lots of people visiting and lots of ads. Which is the exact formula for a very slow loading website! Until recently we always used W3 Total Cache. And if we were lucky, we could get it down to 8 – 10 seconds load time.

Then – I saw a site that Orange Geek had optimized, with Cloudflare too, that brought a site with around 1mil hits a month to 4 seconds! Be still my beating heart. Its geek-nirvana.

Use WP Rocket for a Faster Loading Blog

I promptly tested the WP-Rocket plugin on some game clients – they’re simply the best! And we got some really stubborn sites (around 16 – 20sec load time for years) down to 2 – 3 seconds. I know – it’s hard to contain the giggles, right??

My conclusion – USE WP-Rocket. Configure it properly (this is key). And use good hosting! Let me know if you need help ([email protected]). And for you DIY’rs, download this sheet for the exact configurations that I use on my VIP clients!

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