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On- Page SEO in WordPress & Keyword Research

If you want to learn how to optimize your site for Google – and your website is built on WordPress – this guide is for you. We will go over a lot of material – but it is laid out so you can jump around to the sections that make sense for you.

First, SEO Basics for WordPress

First, never ever do anything to trick the search engines. The google geeks are pretty darn smart. And a lot of the advice out there is going to be really bad for your website. If in doubt, ask!

SEO is the sum of activities that promote your web pages to the top of google for particular search terms. The particular search terms that you want to target are known as keywords. These are really really important. And very few people do this correctly! If you only learn one thing today – let it be how to find keywords!

Secondly, Install a WordPress SEO Plugin

We recommend SEO for WordPress by Yoast. Instructions for installing are in the pdf available below.

These tutorials are designed to be self-contained. We have written these for beginners – your team should be able to read and take action on each tutorial. These tutorials are meant to help with on-page SEO and use the Yoast SEO plugin.

If you prefer e-book style, you can download the DIY SEO e-book below.

“SEO is Simple. Google wants the best result. Be the best result.”

SEO Basics

These tutorials will introduce you to the basic concepts of Search Engine Optimization that you need for every webpage you manage.

Optimizing your Pages | On-Page SEO

These articles give you some basics for setting up your pages with SEO in mind. We are using the term ‘pages’ interchangeably with ‘posts’.

Getting Links & Authority | Off-Page SEO

Getting backlinks is the goal of all SEO -conscious folks. This is how to do it ethically and keep Google happy.

Step by Step SEO Optimization