Meet Ana Harris

Hello fellow WordPressers,

I’d like you to meet Ana, a friendly geek who has recently joined our team at DSWP.   Ana joined me to assist in answering your support questions in a timely manner.  And also to help me with some scheduling and administrative tasks.  But since we’ve started working together, her past in SEO and project management has also become a huge asset to our team.

Her experience has been Administration and Project Management focusing on SEO, Web Development, QA Engineering, Web & Mobile Applications.  Like so many of us, she started working from home gradually, beginning in 2005.  Then in 2009 she was hired as an independent contractor for Google (Search Engine Evaluator).   After her contract ended with Google, she left her part-time admin job at a local college and started looking for more at-home contracts.  For the last 6 years, she’s self-taught herself in the technology field and taken classes at the college.  Now she’s so busy with contracting from home, that she quit her college classes and is at home full time.
I have loved working with Ana over the last few weeks, and I know you’ll grow to love her just as much as I have!

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