These might be prettier than yours! (but we can fix that)

These “Sharing Boxes” can contain any sort of call to action that is important for your site.  Content marketing has become all the rage these days – and for a good reason! We are inundated with marketing messages – And the fact is – they don’t work.

Consumers can filter out anything and everything.  We’re getting quite clever at deciphering what we want to see and what we don’t.  For example – do you actually watch tv commercials?  How about reading ads on the websites you visit?

The behavior of buyers has changed. This leaves websites with a great opportunity! They will ignore everything until they are interested in making a purchase – then 87% of them will look online before making any decisions.  It is now, your job to be where they are, when they are. One of the ways to ‘be there’ is to have a referral network.  When 5 people share your content with their social network – your impact has expanded 5x.  The more sharing they do, the more impact you have.

Take my advice – don’t get caught up in the numbers of followers or friends – what matters is how engaged they are with you.  Do they actively share your content?  That is the person you need to write for.

Have a look at some of the neat Share Boxes we’ve made for clients:


The Blond Cook

Keeping It Personal

Common Sense With Money

Strawberries Are Gluten Free

Interested in your own?  Contact me anytime!

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