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This is one of the best plugins I’ve run into in a long time: Tinymce Advanced. Now, I’ve no idea what Tinymce is either -except that techy people say “Tinymce” when they are referring to the text editor that I’m writing this post in right now. (I always pronounce it TinyMice – I’ve no idea if this proves my brilliance or ignorance…)

Have you noticed that button at the top of your post editor with all the colors – the one that says “show/hide the kitchen sink”?  The kids (I still can’t believe he’s only 25…)  who run WordPress just don’t understand us women.  It would take a LOT more buttons than THAT to classify as the “kitchen sink”, no?  So, I have the solution! We need more options for our editor!  Like  making lines bigger, changing the font style here and there. You know what I mean?

This plugin: Tinymce Advanced makes it easy!  Just use your new plugin uploader to get the plugin.   I’ll even walk you through it.

  1. Log into your admin panels.
  2. click the down-arrow on the “Plugins” panel.
  3. Click on “Add New”.
  4. Type in the “search” box:  ” Tinymce Advanced”.
  5. Click on the word “install” on the right hand side of the plugin line.
  6. Click the “install now” red button.
  7. When wordpress is done doing its thing, click “Activate plugin”.

Note: there will be NO CHANGES until you go to the “Settings” panel, click “Tinymce Advanced”.  In this screen drag the options from the bottom to the top.  If all the buttons don’t fit (if you are using anything smaller than a 15″ screen) you will need to remove some buttons and move them to another line.   Simple – just drag em around with your mouse.  How amazing is that?

ADVANCED red bordered box:  the only thing to change within this box, is the first box.  Check the box that says, “Import the current theme CSS classes.”.

A little extra: The typing screen may be quite small with all those extra buttons now.  If you wish, you can go into the “Settings” panel, “reading” subpanel, and change the first setting – “Size of the post box.”  Play with whatever size you like.  I recommend using 24 to 30 lines.

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  1. Question???

    Is there a way to disable the right click, so that when people visit a blog, they can just read it. And NOT copy/paste your work.

    I had a website once and it was disabled. But I forgot the code and didn’t know if you could put it in for a blog.

    Take care,

    1. Yes! I neglected to mention that in the post – the automatic plugin download is a new feature in WordPress 2.7. You will know what I’m talking about when you upgrade! 🙂 Let me know if you want assistance upgrading.

      Happy Blogging,

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