Must have Plugins for SEO & WordCamp Whistler!

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Oh, oh, oh, girl, do I have posts for you!!!

I’m actually still at WordCamp Whistler right now.  I’m in a room full of tables with laptops. Now, you’re wondering how on earth I lucked out and got an electrical outlet, right?  So was I.  I aimed to come early, carry a big rock, and look mean, just in case.  You know?  I show up at the Fairmont Chateau (apparently I’m in the wrong industry – being Mom and all).  There are long tables in our conference room with power bars everywhere.  It is laptop heaven!  lol  I feel so at home.  Sort of.  Half of the people here I could help with my knowledge of WordPress, and the other half I’ve no idea what language they’re speaking.  It’s a good place to be I think.

And for you?  It’s awesome!  I have things to tell you!

First, I’ve a plugin tutorial coming up at Musings, I’ll link it up next week.  And then, you have to get these plugins for Seach Engine Optimisation – in other words, Google will like you better.

  • all in one SEO
  • WP Supercache
  • WP Backup
  • Google Sitemaps XML
  • Akismet
  • CForm
  • WP Touch & WP Mobile

I’ll go through each one and how to optimise them in future posts!

I’m sorry to run, but I have to beat some people down for the coffee before the next session starts!

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  1. Hey i really enjoy reading your post. The list of SEO plugins that you mentioned here are good but i think you missed Headspace. Please can you even post something on Headspace. thank you. I am waiting for your reply.

  2. I would be interested to see a more in depth article on each of the plugins. I have only used a few in production. A number of plugins I have used in WordPress before have had problems from an SEO point of view.

  3. Wow…. I really enjoyed reading this article……… I m very impressed with your work. One thing I can say is that this blog is one of the best I’ve read till date…….. Keep up the good work…..

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