New Guidelines for Pinterest {For Bloggers}

Everything has changed with Pinterest in 2021. Or maybe even a little before. We have entirely new recommendations. We have outlined them here – and provided more in a pdf you can keep handy.

Is Pinterest Still Relevant in 2022?

There are Pinterest 2022 reports that were analyzed by Social Media Today. They cover the income and reports from Pinterest from the last quarter of 2020 to this first quarter of 2022. The summary is this:

  • It has seen revenue growth,
  • and user decline
  • the decline over the last couple of quarters is still ahead of pre-pandemic numbers
  • increase in advertiser interest
  • it was impacted by the Google algorithm change in Nov of 2021

Also, they still claim 90% of users use Pinterest to inform advertising decisions which would be why the advertisers have taken an increasing look at it. As advertisers want increasing exposure on Pinterest, that is an opportunity for you.

What is optimal Pinterest Pin size for 2022?

Pinterest has always said their platform is best for a 2:3 ratio. The old wisdom was 600:900 and then the pins were shrunk when in view. Currently, Pinterest themselves recommends an optimal pin size of 1000 x 1500 pixels – or any 2:3. But not any – nothing smaller than 1000 x 1500px for the best quality.

What are the top searches on Pinterest for 2022?

According to The Social Media Artist these are the most popular boards on Pinterest this year:

  1. Food & Drink
  2. DIY & Crafts
  3. Home Décor.
  4. Women’s Fashion.
  6. Health & Fitness.
  7. Humor.
  8. Travel.
  9. Technology.
  10. Hair & Beauty.

But what is interesting is that we are not supposed to create boards for all the things that our target audience is interested in. That is the old way apparently. And it makes sense. Pinterest wants to get better and providing what people are looking for – so we have to be more targeted with our optimization of boards, pins, descriptions, titles and bios. The whole thing. (What we mean by Optimizing is covered below)

So while creating your boards, keep in mind that you want 70% of the pins – or more – to be linking back to your web properties. It doesn’t have to be your website alone – it could be your LTK profile or shop – preferably where you can monetize the attention that you have rightly earned.

If 70% of the pins on the board are going to link to your properties, then they are going to be about the topics that you are known for. If you are starting out – be very specific. Grow your boards organically. And remove boards that are not part of your desired authority suite. I just made that up but I think I like it: authority suite.

More Board Tips for the 2022 Pinterest Influencer

  • Start small with similar broad categories. As you grow, break out the topics into more specific ones. When those get full, break them down even further until you have 25 relevant topic boards.
  • The general consensus is you should have a minimum of 10-15 boards to pin to. You can start there and expand your topics within your niche up to 25 optimized boards.
  • If you are new to Pinterest and are building up your own body of work, you can supplement your own pins (pins that lead pinners to YOUR valuable content) with other people’s pins.
  • If you’ve just started a new board, a good way to “seed” the board in to add 10-15 pins that perfectly represent the topic of your board and contain keywords relevant to your content.
  • You should be pinning between a minimum of 5 times per day up to 25 pins per day total (that’s including your own pins and other people pins) Do not exceed 50 pins per day to avoid being labeled as spam by the algorithm.
  • Try to have a 2 day interval between boards ie: if you pin to a board on Monday- you should wait until at least Wednesday to pin it to another board

What are Idea Pins and How to Use them?

  • You can use a mix of video, text overlays, static images, and animated stickers to make actionable idea pins that help inspire pinners.
  • Idea pins support 20 – 1080px by 1920px pages (they’re the same size as Instagram stories and are 9:16 aspect ratio) of content to showcase your idea on the platform.
  • You should include Idea pins in your daily limit of pins (5-25).
  • Currently Pinterest has only allowed creators to use affiliate links from Amazon to tag products and earn commissions on qualifying purchases. Idea Pins don’t have a way to include a live link and that’s intentional on Pinterest’s part. The goal of Idea Pins is to keep Pinners ON Pinterest.
  • Pinners who follow you will see your Idea Pins at the top of their home feeds. Even Pinners who don’t follow you will see your Idea Pins featured at the top of your Pinterest profile. They’ll also surface in search and on the Today Tab.

Hint: Get your content doing double duty and reuse reels as idea pins but be sure to download them without the watermark from the original source.

How to Create and Optimize a Pin

  1. Create a pin that is vertical, 1000 x 1500 px, with a 2:3 aspect ratio.
  2. Write a title that tells Pinterest exactly what the pin (or rather, the destination of the pin) is about and include keywords relevant to the content.
  3. Write a description using multiple keywords in one or more complete sentences.
  4. Choose an image or video that is relevant to the topic of the pin. Some users report that personal photos perform better than pins using free stock images. Feedback also indicates that warmer, lighter images perform best.
  5. Make sure the URL you link to loads quickly and is not broken.
  6. Add a short word or phrase with your keyword for the alt tag text.
  7. Make 5-10 “fresh pins” from your initial pin. The key to making “fresh pins” is to focus on adjusting or changing the image for each new pin. Changing the text color or overlay on the same image is not enough, so be sure to implement multiple changes. By cropping and focusing on different parts of one image you can easily generate 5-10 pins per blog post.
  8. Use the Grow Social plugin for WordPress to add a share button to your blog content.

How to Create 10 Pins for Each Post

  • Create a template in Canva.
  • Adjust cover size (see above) and save as a template.
  • Change/ Adjust image and text to create 10 different configurations.
    Hint: always create 30 pins or more at a time for faster production.
  • See the chart below for a detailed schedule of how to share your hard work.
  • or purchase a VA package from us and let us do all the work for you!
  • You can schedule via your favorite scheduler or Tailwind

How to Schedule 10 Pins per Day

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at this next bit. We know to not pin the same post too close together, right? And we know we want up to 10 pins per day right? So if you post the same post no more than twice a week, how many posts do you need to pin 10 times a day?

I literally had no idea how to figure this out. I think there is something wrong with me. So I made a template and wrote them out. All 300 of them. Cause obviously – 30 Posts/ 300 Pins. Right? I dunno – it was a puzzle to me.

If you’d like to grab this little cheat sheet go ahead! Just click the link to download it below.

Get these tips and more in our handy Checklist for Pinterest– Sign up here!

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