*New Instagram TV Channels

Instagram launched their TV Channels – their Youtube competitor. IG users can upload from 1 – 15 minutes of video, with up to an hour on the horizon if the rumors are to be believed.

To launch your channel, follow these steps on your phone.

  1. Update the app!
    Go to your apps store and find the app. It will have “open” or “update” next to it. If you’re me, and your phone says “Open”, restart your phone. Then update.
  2. Go to Instagram – your Home button. Find the TV button on the top right. 
  3. The steps to add your IGTV Channel are as follows:

Features on IGTV

The audience seems to be split on whether IGTV is a good idea or another social media platform. My guess is that this will fly! The barrier to entry is so low that you only need a cell phone. Videos must be vertical (built-in cell phone size).


I’m not sure if this feature will continue indefinitely, but right now, when there’s a video from someone you follow – there is a nice colourful banner announcing it! That will get a lot of traffic!

Also, everyone can still add LINKS to your descriptions! In stories this has been reserved for those who have followings of 10k +.  However, I found the descriptions for videos tough to find… I’m proud to declare that I found it without my teens (this time).

How to find the IGTV Descriptions:

Monetizing IGTV

There is no feature for this yet. Although the CEO of Instagram said that it was the ‘natural progression’.

What do you think? Are you going to use this?

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