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I’ve just completed a new tutorial series for content marketing newbies.  Its completely free and I think it has some of the best content in it, whether this is your first website or your first foray into search engine optimization.  Over 4 weeks the following tutorials are sent via email:

1. Planning your content

What to write, and when to write it.

This article covers who you write to, how to select a topic, and when to write.


2. Svelt Cornerstone Content

How to write remarkable content.

This article covers the relatively new concept of ‘cornerstone content’ – providing a page of related articles that is a link-magnet.  We cover how to create the landing page for this, how to write it and where to put it on your website.


3.  Don’t waste your hard work! 

The low down on titillating headlines.

Discover how to create magnetic headlines using brief nuggets from the experts: Brian Clark, Jeff Saxton, Blair Warren and Sally Hogshead.


4. Organize your content to keep the good stuff visible.

Video tutorial

Use tags, categories, Pages and posts purposefully and correctly.  We’ll teach you how.  This lesson includes a and instructions.


5. How to write an about page.

Second most visited page: About.

Do’s & Don’ts, with lots of fun examples, how to dream up your audience, use your voice, and what to include.


6. Attracting your audience.

Promoting your website: Gaining an audience.

This email packs a punch!  We provide an overview of all of these topics:

  • the all-important ‘feed’ (for the newbie),
  • how to find your first email contacts (& what to write)
  • the top five social networks- who they’re for and what to share
  • difference between follow buttons & sharing buttons
  • 3 more avenues of promotion
  • how to write an author/resource box

Completely Free Sign-up:

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