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Outtakes from our designers!

I’ve never thought I’d show you the mockups that don’t make it to the light of day… There’s a million reasons why we change the designs and mockups for our clients. And this morning I was cleaning out DropBox (excellent procrastination task) and found these gems. So without further ado, here are three outtakes from our fabulous designers!

Children’s Ministry Child Genesis Child Theme

This mockup – and later child theme for Genesis included easy-to-use areas to upload children’s online activities or printables; volunteer forms, schedules and communications; updates and news for parents. This project is close to my heart – if I wasn’t in WordPress, I’d be working with kids.


Blank Author Child Theme

This is another one that actually made it into a fully functional child theme. But we didn’t actually get it off the ground – this is a few years old now. But the call to action, information focus and styles are still just as relevant.


Bargain / Coupon Blog Mockup

This one is a bit nostalgic. Remember the days of layers and page-widths and textures? This mockup is from 2011! We were only two years old at that time! PS – I don’t recommend this style. Although it is making me feel nostalgic. 🙂


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