Two Important Problems You Likely Have and Dont Know It

These plugins solve two important problems: slow WordPress sites/ missing page views, and tracking feeds once you are no longer using Feedburner. Both of the solutions are available via plugin and are offered for free. A donation to the plugin’s author would be appreciated, I’m sure!

Here are our recommended solutions.

Moving from Feedburner? Use Feed Statistics

More and more of us are leaving feedburner in favor of the default WordPress feed. If you are using the default feeds, you need something to track your subscribers. This is it! Download and set up is very easy. Once its installed, find the settings in a new tab on the left side of your dashboard.

Feed Statics: Set Up

Feed Statistics (First sub-tab):

  • Subscribers: 30 days
  • Clickthroughs: check
  • Post views: check

Slow site? Use nRelate

There is a big problem with the popular service: LinkWithin. (from

LinkWithin is a parasitic widget. It redicts your traffic through their own site, effectively linking to themselves from all over your site and then 301 directing you back to your own site, thus effectively stealing your internal link juice. Ouch.

Instead, we recommend nRelate.

After installing in the usual way (under Plugin tab -> Add New), Find the nRelate tab on the left in the dashboard.

nRelate plugin - do not use Linkwithin

In the nrelate dashboard use these settings:

  • Advertising: Optional, you can go to and sign up for ad sharing if you wish.
  • Communication: check
  • Custom Field for Images: this is rarely needed
  • Exclude Categories: self-explanatory no? Exclude anything that is time-based and shouldn’t show up in recent posts’ related content.
  • Include Custom Post Type: Posts

Don’t forget the fun part – select your styles under Related Content sub-tab -> Thumbnail Gallery.

Also select a custom title for your related content, under Related Content sub-tab -> General.


If you have a problem and need a plugin to solve it, let us know! We’re always scoured the interwebs for cool plugins. Perhaps something we find will fill the need.

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