How to Produce your Content Quickly

You know content on your site is needed to become an authority. You know its part of your plan. But wouldn’t it be great if you could write them faster?

But how?

With so much else to do, lets fit content marketing into your ‘marketing/pr’ time slot.  This series is aimed at helping you do that.

First – you don’t need to churn out pages and pages and pages of content to make an impact.

It isn’t a blog packed with content that gets you known: It’s how you promote it.

So let’s get started on writing fast and professional posts, so you can spend less time worrying about production and more time on promotion. We’ll cover four steps over the next four weeks. For now, lets get a plan in place.

Four Steps to Write Your Blogs Faster

Step One: Plan Your Content

Step Two:  How to get out of the black hole of research

Step Three: 21 Tips to Get Faster

Step Four: Resources & Downloads

Time Committment: Getting your plan in place for the month (four articles) will take less than an hour.

While we would like to write when inspiration hits us, that’s not the way to go about steadily growing your website content, your readership – and your reputation.

Consistency in posting is the single biggest key to encouraging returning readers. And the best way to create that consistency is to plan your blogging in advance and schedule (or even pre-schedule) your posts.

One successful planning model is the monthly content schedule, where you come up with post ideas, enter them in a calendar and either write whole batches at once and pre-schedule… or write the post of the day daily (or a day in advance) – whatever feels the most comfortable for your preferences.

Plan your month (or Series) at a time

1. Use a calendar template to set small goals – this one is for daily posting – adjust it to your needs. Click the link below to download this one – it includes a blank template at the end for copying.


Download this calendar template.

2. Use an Editorial Calendar

This WordPress plugin will save hours and keep you on task.

4-Editorial Calendar screenshot

Download this Plugin for WordPress here.

3. Find fast ideas that interest your audience


Use google suggest to quickly find themes and trends.

9-Google Trends

4. While going through the trends, highlight single ideas that you wish to use.

5. From the single ideas – use headline templates – the fastest and easiest way to write magnetic headlines.

Here are 10 awesome templates from Copyblogger. Enter your new headlines into your editorial calendar.

Now you have a month’s worth of titles/ideas with which to start.

More tips to shorten the Writing Process

Post Length

The more powerfully you say something, the less you’ll have to explain. A 250-word blog post that opens a door onto a whole new level for a reader will be a thousand times more powerful than a 1500 word post that doesn’t do anything.

If you prefer to write longer posts, go for it – if you know your subject well, writing a longer post will probably not take significant time from your schedule. Just be sure your audience actually wants longer posts.

Actual Writing Tips

These tips should help you speed things up…

1. Ideal article length varies with audience and topic, but generally posts between 350-500 words are the most successful. (Remember that today’s audience has a much shorter attention span.)
2. Use sub heads and bullet points. These are often what convince a reader to stop and read your post, so give them clues.
3. Write your Introduction, Conclusion and Call-to-Action first. Then fill in the body. (Use a template provided in Week 4.).
4. Keep your post focused! The more you stay on topic, the less you’ll have to edit. And if you find you’re going off on a tangent, remove the tangent and assign it to a new post (put it in an “Idea” file).
5. Use a timer. Just try this as an experiment. It’s going to have one of two effects on you; and you won’t know which until you try. It’s either going to stress you out (in which case discard that strategy)… or it’s going to help you stay focused.

Do you have more tips? I’m interested in how long it takes you to publish one article?

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