Question: How do I pick a theme?

How do I pick a WordPress theme?

Important factors to consider:

  • Does it need to be custom?
  • Custom requires a bigger budget
  • with custom work comes consultation, training and experience

Universal principles regardless of platform (WordPress, Blogger, etc)

  1. Theme needs to be branded. this needs to remind everyone of you – your brand so every time your business is represented online, the same feeling, even subconscious feeling is presented.
    1. Test by standing back and looking for first impression, without editing your thoughts.
  2. Call to action. Whats the purpose of your website? Is it phone calls, visits to a shop, emails, clicks, etc.
  3. Biggest asset for most companies is your relationships. Online the most intimate interactions is via email – use that above the fold on your theme.

Most important thing with a website is a call to action. Its more important than any aesthetic.

Other factors when selecting a theme:

  • security
  • longevity
  • ease of use

Note: we recommend not altering colors, fonts or any professionally designed elements. Color psychology is so very important as is font pairing – all of this plays into a very intentional and professional design. I can’t stress this enough – use a professional design.

To secure all these factors: call to action, security, longevity and professionalism we recommend Genesis Framework and Child Theme.


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