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We have a lot to say about SEO services – how to protect yourself from scammers, and how to do it yourself. We have tutorials on keyword research, using SEO plugins, optimization of posts, recipe posts, and more. We have best practices tutorials, FAQs and how to re-publish your updated posts. These services are for when you want us to do it for you.

The SEO Research & Report

This initial SEO Research & Report is absolutely necessary for everyone as a first step. Although others charge upward of $3,000 for this, we pare it down to what you need to know and how to do it. This is 50% research and 50% tutorial.

The SEO Research & Report includes:

  1. A spreadsheet: includes keywords(up to 10,000), pages(up to 500) and ranking (top 100 spots)
  2. Video Review: 2-10 minute review and explanation of how to use spreadsheets
  3. Zoom Call: 45 minutes with Cathy Mitchell (on the topic of SEO)

On the spreadsheet, we rank (green, yellow, red) the items that are easiest to do. Keywords include their volume and click through rate. Pages include the current average ranking, click through rate, and impressions. All the pages/keywords that are in the top 100 spots on google are listed along with their volume and CTR.

SEO Research & Report $499 $250

Follow-up Research

This service will update the initial Research & Report with current data. (30 days or 90 days, as needed)

A new video review will include items that have done well, and items to consider next.

Another 1:1 Zoom Call will go over next steps and your questions. The follow up SEO Research & Report is $299 $199.

Page Optimization

  • only available as an add-on to Initial Report or Follow up report
  • per hour at $89 $70/hr
  • we recommend a budget of 1-2 hours per page (see the research report for recommendations)

For keywords, posts, domain authority and ranking.

Recorded Video Review

Covering how to read the spreadsheets, which information to pay attention to.

1:1 Video Call

I will make recommendations on the easiest to optimize first – up to more advanced stuff.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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How it Works

To purchase the optimization service per hour, please contact Cathy for a quote.


After your purchase you are redirected to a form on our site. If you miss this page, we will send an email with a link and reminder.

Submit Information

After checkout, you are redirected to a form on our site. This form asks for all the information that we need to begin. The form is mandatory for ALL services. We cannot begin without it.


I (Cathy) will confirm receipt of your information and send you a delivery date for the service. Also in this confirmation are directions to book the 1:1 zoom call, if purchased.


You will receive an email with details on what has been optimized, or where to find the research you ordered. If you ordered a call, you will receive a reminder a day before the scheduled time.


Get some answers to your questions!

Nothing. We do four hours of research. Unless you have a brochure site, then we will be able to begin optimization on your site within those four hours. If you have a blog, we will be busy for the full four hours (and then some) to get all the information you need.

No. This is a one-time fee. If you wish to have the results updated in a month’s time and go over further optimization, there is a discounted fee.

This is a one-time service, the results are good for the day we present them. We use whatever time period is necessary to get reliable results – usually 28 days or 90 days’ worth of data.

You are purchasing research. You will receive a call, video review and 3 page spreadsheet with more information than you can possibly use. We aim to over-deliver! If you do not get any of those things, we will give you a 100% refund.