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SEO for WordPress (and everyone else)

Here are all the SEO posts put together. Not only do we cover Core Web Vitals (relatively new to everyone!) we’ve covered user experience and best practices for over 12 years. No tricks! Tackle the following items – with the tutorials beneath – a little at a time and you’ll get there! Keep your eyes on your search console and write about those things that your users are interested in.

  • provide a speedy website that loads well on mobile (even 3G mobile)
  • easy to navigate and mobile buttons big enough for ‘man thumbs’
  • super obvious links – that include title attribute
  • images that are labeled correctly (so search engines know what it is)
  • showcase your authority
  • use real words (keywords) that refer to the things you write about; the same words that your readers might use in a search engine
  • make sure dates are removed from articles where date isn’t important; keep news content up-to-date

Our advice has rarely changed – it is always working WITH Google – white hats all around! If you’ve known me for long – you’ve heard me say, “SEO is Simple. Google wants the best result. Be the best result.”

Send us your questions – if it isn’t already in this list, we will write an answer!

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