Is marketing necessary if you ARE exceptional?

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Did you know that when participants in a survey are given a hypothetical question – which product is better? And then given a real choice to own one of the products, the decisions will be different most of the time?  People will buy from emotion, not fact.

If we(you and I and other small businesses) don’t have a professional marketing department, what are we to do?  Is it enough to be exceptional?

Here’s some good news:  people use the web for primarily positive reviews of products & services!  So if you are exceptional, it is likely to be spread around.  But how fast and wide will it spread?  And will your positive reviews be able to compete in the face of big marketing budgets?

I have heard it said that the internet is the great equalizer.  From big companies to small, we’re all boiled down to a website or twitter account.  What this means, I think, is that we have the “discovery” part of marketing all down pat.  We can compete with the discovery of even the biggest companies.  Google is the great equalizer.  If I have great content, I provide material that is share-able, and follow some best practices for website usability and design, I’m golden.

Is that enough?

This list comes from the free e-book you can download from DuctTapeMarketing, called 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success(just click on the top bar to subscribe and download the free ebook).

1.  Discovery.  When people discover you (your website) do you have a planned response in place?

2.  Presentation.  Are you different? Do you stand out?  Do you provide answers to the questions they might not know to ask?  Do you provide value?

3.  Nurture.  People are not ready to buy for a number of reasons.  But do you keep them ‘warm’?  Do you stay in their thoughts? Continue to provide value?

4.  Transaction.  Once they buy, you have to fulfill your promises.  This one transaction sets the tone for the future relationship with your company

5.  Review.  What went well? What do you improve?  Ask.

How do you compete?  I suspect most of us are good at one or two of these areas.  And most of us will find one or two of these areas that we can easily improve simply by being intentional.

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