SOPA 101 – Should you Strike too?

Tomorrow is an important day if you are anti-SOPA.  And I’d like to give you the brief overview of both sides, and what you can do, if you’re so motivated.

Here’s my quick summary courtesy of Mashable and TechCrunch.

Anti-SOPA crowd says: this will allow legislation that will allow censorship.  We would all agree that there are some sites that simply shouldn’t be online – I’m thinking of my kids and freaks out there who like to exploit them, as one example.  However, the end-game means that website owners would become responsible for the content on the site, which in turn means no user-added content (how can we control what comments our readers add?), which in turn could threaten the entire social media and social network infrastructure.

Proponents say: a serious threat exists online to the entire US Copyright system.  Without some action in the form of legislation, jobs and income will be lost and the fine arts industries will suffer or die due to online piracy.

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Tomorrow, January 18 American Censorship is organizing a ‘black out’ day.  Websites such as wikipedia, reddit, creative commons, google, mozilla all support this cause.  I know reddit and wikipedia are going completely black tomorrow with a message directing readers to American Censorship for more information.  I wasn’t able to see promises from the other sites.  In November the first ‘blackout day’ was held, and over 6,000 sites participated with a “STOP CENSORSHIP” black bar across their logos.

If you’d like to participate, visit this page for ways you can particpate.  The blackout begins at 8AM EST and goes for 12 hours.  If you need help adding the plugins or javascript to your site let us know.  We’ll be donating as many hours as needed tonight to help website owners install the blackout page.  (& remove it tomorrow night)

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So, are you striking?

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