Stencil: a Replacement for Canva

There’s a new photo editing app in town: Stencil!  It differentiates itself by it’s ease of use, subscription model, and speed!

Ease of Use

Stencil comes with a chrome & iOS extension that allows you to clip images and/or text from the web as you’re reading. This will make curating other great content a breeze!

Sharing is available directly from Stencil to Buffer, Twitter and Facebook currently – more are planned.

There are also 1.1M+ photos, 2k+ fonts, and 600 templates all available for commercial or personal use. And all included in the subscription!

Subscription Model

With Canva you pay per media item, with Stencil, there is a monthly fee ($9) that includes all resources including the browser extensionsAnother reason to opt in to the paid subscription: you can also upload a watermark/logo and your own fonts to maintain branding! You can save your own templates and favorite images.

This is definitely worth the $9/mo!

Speed of Image Creation

Ever notice that Canva gets bogged down if you have a lot of layers? And saving and re-forming images often slows the browser to a crawl? You’ll get none of that with Stencil!

Give it a try in their free version. Each and every month you can create 10 images for free.

Are you gonna try Stencil?