STOP! Please Read Before Updating to WordPress 4.6

Most people, myself included, like to wait a few days (or weeks) to let the powers-that-be work out the kinks before upgrading. Since this is not a security update, I would say that is an ‘okay’ philosophy for now.

But if you tend to forget to update – then you need to read this FIRST and then update right away, k?


Important Notice for Genesis users before Upgrading to WordPress 4.6

I’ll cut to the chase – you MUST upgrade Genesis before upgrading to WordPress 4.6. If you don’t the internet will send bolts of lightening at you. Or you’ll get the white screen of death as soon as you upgrade.

Simple solution: Upgrade Genesis FIRST

And then go about your merry way updating all the other goodness.

These are the cool new things in WordPress 4.6. There are no reported hiccups and it has gone through thousands of testers and 100’s of environments before ever being released into the wild.


Yay! WordPress 4.6 is out. (And especially yay for immediate notification of broken links!!)

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