This is How Intention Impacts SEO

SEO is what most of us want to learn to do well. Entire websites have been built into full time jobs when one post ranks within spot 1-3 in search engines.

But, as we’ve been saying for awhile – intent is the new SEO. (I really wanted to say Intent is the new black… but, not relevant right?) Overall, intent is really important for site optimization. Here is an example I saw today that I wanted to share. This demonstrates why intention matters.

Example of Poor Intent

Notice that impressions went up? This site was seen more often in search engine results. The average position was changed a wee bit (in a negative way – thus the red number). But look at those clicks! Even though the site is doing better in search results, fewer – a lot fewer – searchers are clicking through to the site.

This means that the ranking words were doing well. They were ranking higher in search results. However, they were the wrong keywords – they didn’t result in lucrative clicks.

Ask yourself – “If I do really well with this keyword – will it matter?”

The answer: Not unless your keywords show intent.

Intent Categorization

Searcher intent, according to SearchEngineLand is categorized in four ways:

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Commercial
  • Transactional

Without our own endless resources for analytics and research we can ask some common sense questions to help us choose keywords that get at the intent of the user.

Simply put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. You want to get a certain kind of people to your website – who are they? What do they want? Are they looking for information? Or to purchase something?

When you select keywords – ask yourself,

If I do rank well with this keyword, what will it accomplish?

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