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Troubleshooting your WordPress website

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Before obliterating your computer, we’ve provided a list that your developer will ask you to do anyway. You might as well save yourself the time and money and do them first. And after that, there is another list of more complex things you can do to solve the problem yourself. The most common issues that we come across sound like this:

  • the website is ‘down’ or too slow
  • I can’t see x button
  • x button  isn’t doing anything
  • switching views not working
  • comment notifications  have stopped (or are too frequent)
  • images not showing (on front end) or are skewed
  • and a variety of my-computer-is-haunted errors

Before you email your developer, try this:

I recommend following these steps IN ORDER:

1. Is it me? If your site isn’t loading, go to Down For Everyone Or Just Me and be sure that it is not your own internet connection.

2.Clear the cache“. Sound familiar? 🙂 That is because it is a huge source of problems for a lot of people. It’s also completely necessary.  There are different methods to clear your website cache depending on what method you use to create the cache. Most people use W3 Total Cache plugin. This is the plugin that we recommend. To clear the cache, follow these steps:

– log into WordPress, navigate to the dashboard

– you’ll see a “Performance” tab at the top tool bar

– use the drop down menu to “empty all caches”

Some other plugins provide buttons near the top or in the settings of the plugin.

3.  Log out of WordPress. (use the top right drop down by your picture and click “Log Out”)

4. Restart your computer.  This is probably unnecessary but when the developer asks you what you’ve tried, you can tell him.

5. Use a different browser. For example, if you regularly use Internet Explorer, use Firefox, or Chrome or Safari. (In fact, NEVER use Internet Explorer.)

Now – check the problem again. Does it still remain? Then, go ahead and call your developer.

Source: via Cathy on Pinterest

Or try any of the following to save a bit of cash:

1. Google. Yes. Google. Be specific, include the words, “WordPress” and “error” if applicable. Include the proper names for the screens or errors or pages where errors appear to get the best results. For example, the ‘back end’ of WordPress is actually the dashboard, or administration. The ‘front end’ of your website, is more accurately described by ‘archive’, ‘category’, ‘blog page’, ‘post page’, ‘page page’, etc.

2. Deactivate all plugins. Most errors are caused by a conflict between the plugins and themes that are added to WordPress and very occasionally the hosting. To rule out a plugin causing a problem, de-activate them all. Go back and see if the problem persists.

3. Use Default Theme. Try plugins first, if problem remains, leave plugins deactivated and then use the Twenty Twelve theme. Then your job is to reactivate things one at a time to see which are conflicting.

4Re-install WordPress. BE CAREFUL with this. Using the re-install button on the upgrade page is the safest way to do this. Other manual way – is to use FTP, download a fresh WordPress package from and upload WP-admin and WP-includes directories and overwrite existing files.

5. Repair & Optimize Database. Using a plugin (WP DB-Manager) or the PHPmyadmin control panel (access from your host) use the ‘repair’ and ‘optimize’ buttons on all tables in the database.

6. Check for MalWare. Using run a free scan of your site for malware.

Call for help!

If *all of the above* does not help – you need to call in professional assistance!! Use the Forum to get free answers from knowledgeable peeps. Or call in paid help from a developer you trust. It will take some serious trouble shooting to find the problem if none of that works!

PS – we are available and love a good puzzle!!

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  1. Before I troubleshoot a wordpress site, I would first like to learn how to build and setup one. However I am pretty sure this will be a good reference for me.

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