Should I upgrade right away to WordPress 3.0?

Guess what question I’m asked most often these days?  🙂

Usually, I’m not much of a risk taker, I’m not on the bleeding edge of anything much less technology.  However, with WordPress 3.0 I’m 99% sure it is stable enough for ALL my clients to upgrade.

I’ll wait while you do that.


What to expect with WordPress 3.0

Now.  Before  you send me an email saying, “Cathy! Something’s wrong – nothing happened!”, let me tell you – nothing will happen.  Small things in the WordPress Administration like:

  • extra tabs under the side panels
  • “site” instead of “blog” label in the settings
  • an extra widget or two
  • and help menus in each screen

will happen, but you may not notice them right away.  Are you using the grey admin theme?  You’ll notice a few tweaks to the color theme and icons.

The important changes in WordPress 3.0

Fortunately I don’t think this new version will mean anything except a few improvements for you.  Unless you are using a theme framework – those like Thematic, Thesis and Genesis.  When you see the “This theme has an upgrade available” notice running along the top of your back-end, CLICK IT*!  That is when the cool stuff happens.

IF your theme supports it – you will see these WordPress 3.0 Features:

  • “Get shortlink” button on every post
  • The editor now looks like the front end of the site!!! (There aren’t enough exclamation marks to punctuate this.)
  • updates to your theme are now available (if supplied by the theme author) with a click
  • navigation menus are now configured using an easy drag-and-drop interface

I’ve updated my blogs, and several more today – and its all going smoothly.  As I said, there will be no learning curve to this version, and nothing that should require hard liquor.


* IF you are using Thesis or Genesis or another framework, and the theme author made edits to the CORE FILES, you will BREAK YOUR SITE if you upgrade!  If you don’t know what this means, PLEASE contact the theme author/designer before you upgrade the theme!

PS – More In-depth Discussion of WordPress 3.0 at DSWP Hacks

I’ve started a new blog DSWP Hacks, where I’ll post all my thoughts on the new taxonomies and post types – and where I’m using the new default theme – Twenty Ten.  DSWP Hacks is rated GX. (Geek Xtreme)

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