Virtual Assistants Services for Bloggers

Are you overwhelmed with all the to-dos that are on your list today? I have been working with bloggers since 2007 and in all that time, it has not gotten easier!! I suppose that is the same with life though. We just get better at saying ‘no’, right?

In the last 14 years I’ve regularly trained your VA’s to follow SEO guidelines and am often answering your questions on hiring and managing VAs. I have some VAs with permission from their boss to contact us directly for help. So this next step for WPB just made sense.

In November 2021 I interviewed and hired 4 new VA’s and started a “VA Pool”. Reminiscent of “Secretary Pools” before the days when ‘secretary’ was a derogatory term! These ladies are seriously awesome! When you’re not making use of their talent, I do!

And when you hire WPB VA’s you get my whole team backing her. If she has questions or gets stuck, she has us to help her. I’ve personally trained them with blog posting, SEO and they’ve all taken my block editor classes.

VA Tasks to Outsource (with ease)

  1. ghost writing
  2. keyword research for posts/pages
  3. SEO optimization of existing posts
  4. converting posts to block based
  5. creating pins/ pin schedule / optimizing pin boards
  6. creating IG feed images & stories
  7. create LTK images and post them
  8. answering emails

Julia is AMAZING!!!  She is seriously the best assistant I’ve ever had!!!!  

Heather, from SoHeather

The Process to Delegate to the WPB VA’s

  1. Purchase a package below
  2. Respond to your basecamp invitation
  3. Watch the 2 minute intro to Basecamp (at the “Start Here”) block in basecamp
  4. Ask your questions with me(Cathy) via phone, chat or email.
  5. Write your tasks in a to do list (in your basecamp project)
  6. Chat and ask/answer questions with your VA (in your basecamp project)

Meet the Virtual Assistant Team

Julia lives with her family in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. She is a full time Mama to two adorable littles and part-time Virtual Assistant.

One of her greatest passions is environmental sustainability and the preservation of our planet.

What you wouldn’t know by meeting her is that she can SING like a bird! She hears a song once and can remember the tune! And what we love about her is her dedication and attention to detail.

Octavia lives in Margate South Africa with her 5 year old son, Noah. And yes, we’re all jealous of her young looking face!!

“Fun fact, we have 11 official languages and the youngest language in the world, Afrikaans, is one of the official languages.”

We love that Octavia always LOSES at “2 Lies and a Truth”! She will giggle or do something awkward every time she tries to fib!

Laura is from a small town in Northeast Georgia.. In addition to being a wife and mom to three teenage children, Laura also oversees her family’s small farm of chickens, goats, ducks, horses, dogs and cats. Laura is a part time VA and has many years of experience with blogging, photography and social media platforms. 

When not running the funny farm, she is an avid decorator, outdoor enthusiast and is very involved in community events.

Coming Soon

Emma lives in Chilliwack, BC, Canada and specializes in bookkeeping and small business operations. She is the youngest on our team at 18 years old and is entering University in the fall. Her extreme attention to detail and conscientiousness makes her the perfect VA.

Emma is a political and history enthusiast, when not working, going to school full-time or volunteering with community seniors, she is listening to history podcasts and political activists. We know she’ll change the world some day!

Holly lives in the beautiful little town of Mission, BC, Canada. She is a wife and full time mama of adorable 1 year old twin boys. She loves to spend her days playing with her sons and in her downtime she works as a part time Virtual Assistant. 

She is well known for being perpetually happy and you will almost always find her with a smile on her face. Holly spends her (very little) spare time reading, running or practicing yoga. 

The Cost of Hiring a WPB VA

There are 2 packages to purchase, all VA’s track their time in detail and are hired at $35/hr USD, in 6 minute increments. There is a minimum of one hour.

Package 1

Set up fee & one hour of services. ($15 + $35). Hours expire in 90 days.

$50 USD

Package 2

Pre-pay 3 hours and waive the set up fee( 3* $35). Hours expire in 90 days.

$105 USD

Package 3

  • 8 hours every month
  • 10% discount
  • hours expire in 90 days

$252 USD

Billing:  on the first Tuesday, after the work week, you receive a report & invoice for hours worked. The report includes the date & time stamp along with brief description.

If you would like more information check out our Billable Time Calculations page.

PS – if you’re a maintenance client, contact me to get your coupon!