What’s new with the WordPress 5.5 update?

Back in 2018, I wrote this post about the new Gutenberg editor that came with the 5.0 WordPress update. Since then, there have been several other updates, with the most recent being WordPress 5.5. I tend to resist change but there have been some pretty cool improvements centered around the block editor with this new update. Let’s take a look at them! 

New Interface

When you are using the block directory you will notice that there are now borders around the buttons and new icons as well.

Easier Searching

The navigation has been made clearer with a big bold button. And all the blocks are neatly organized at the top of the page now. When searching for a block, we no longer have to guess between ‘formatting’ and ‘layout’ because wha? Now they are organized in a more meaningful way – “Text”, “Media”, “Embeds” and so on.

New! Patterns

The new WordPress 5.5 update has added the much anticipated Patterns interface! Instead of adding 20 blocks, and all their settings for one page, we can create templates for you. With one click you can add a pre-made ‘pattern’ and edit it to your liking.

This is different from reusable blocks in that they’re editable!

Editing Images In Page

WordPress has previously allowed you to make changes to images by going to the media library. With WordPress 5.5 you can make changes without having to leave the block editor at all. That is pretty convenient, right? I thought so too! 

Automatic Lazy-loading

Speaking of images, when your site is loading, the images take longer to load than the text does. WordPress 5.5 will make sure that you are lazy loading images to save bandwidth and improve the performance of the hosting servers. This means that images that aren’t seen by the user will be loading as they are scrolling, instead of trying to load all at once. 

All in all, there are so many positive improvements with the WordPress 5.5 update. As always, if you are having a hard time getting adjusted or just need some guidance to help you along, WPBarista is here and ready to help you! 

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