So a lot of my Genesis users are going to need to make the switch to Kadence sooner than later for SEO purposes. I’ll review some of the geekier reasons later, but aside from the code goodness that you can’t see, here is a review of what the dashboard looks like – that you can see!

We take a look at the Kadence Header, Kadence Footer, Menus, social media buttons, infinity scroll, conditional headers, Kadence Pro blocks, and the Kadence Free blocks. You have everything without extra plugins!

When you’re ready to learn about the blocks, checkout our block editor classes!


[00:00:00] okay, let’s have a look at the Kadence website.

I wanna show you guys the difference so it make it easier for you to decide if it’s gonna be for you or not.

Go in here and you’ll see little blue. Pencil, click the pencil, it’s gonna take me to the navigation and it opens up the header, all this stuff here.

So now we’re in the header area and you have three rows, top, middle, and bottom.

And let’s say I wanna change this color. I can click the pencil

or I can go to this bottom row,

We want the bottom row. So we’re gonna click the little gear.

It’s at 189 pixels tall. Let’s change the background color to something light. You can also just click this to upload an image and you can upload an image right here if you want something in the background.

So this is one of my favorite things. It doesn’t require widgets. It doesn’t require short codes or plugins, nothing. You [00:01:00] just drag this around let’s say I wanna move the primary navigation to the top. Now you can hardly see it, so you’re gonna have to go in here and change the colors, but you can move it around, which is the cool thing.

And let’s say I wanna move the logo to the middle. Put my navigation in here. And we’re gonna click the gear icon and you can edit it.

We click the pencil, we can change the logo.

We click the pencil here, we can change our links

and it’s all easily found, which is so nice, to not have to go searching through widgets and.

Okay, that’s the header. Now the cool thing is the same thing is done on the footer.

Let’s go take a look. There’s three rows. The top row on this one has nothing in it. The second one has this widget, which you can get by clicking the gear. The footer navigation.

You can just click the little wheel here and I can change the menu. I could select a different one.

Also some of the cool things that comes with Kadence are [00:02:00] some of the blocks that you get with the pro license.

We’re gonna have a look at some of the blocks that you can get. You can also have a form without a separate plugin. That’s pretty cool. You can upload custom icons if you go buy them from somewhere else. This is the list.

They have The table of contents , includes your SEO setup. All of this integrates really well with the Yost SEO plugin. The form is what I was talking about.

Comes with animations, comes with icons. It comes with all kinds of stuff. Everything that you saw on the homepage was not added with a plugin.

All of this is done with just regular blocks, this is the area for the post. These aren’t even the pro blocks.

These are actually the free blocks that come with Kadence.

So when you do upload your Kadence theme here and you get the

pro license, which we provide with all of our child themes,

you can go in here and you can set up your own colors. If you wanted to change it.

There’s the [00:03:00] topography, so you can add your different fonts and you can put them all right here where it makes sense.

With your child theme also comes a pro license for Kadence, and it gives you access to different add-ons.

Conditional headers is something where you can put a different header on different sections of your site. So the entire header can be different for different categories.

This gives you a lot more buttons, dividers.

You can also give people the option to toggle to dark mode.

The menu so that you can do extra stuff with it. If you have e-commerce, there’s a whole bunch of blocks that adds.

I don’t recommend using infinite scroll. It’s not the greatest for seo.

Using local gravatars is a great idea

There’s lots to learn with the Kadence blocks, but they are pretty similar to any other block. If you know how to work your way around blocks, you’ll do just fine with Kadence.

So that’s why we’re moving to Kadence

if you have other questions that I haven’t managed to [00:04:00] cover, let me know.

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