WooCommerce 3.0 Update & What it means to you

The WordPress WooCommerce plugin just released a brand new version: 3.0.  The following information only applies to you if you have WooCommerce e-commerce shopping plugin installed on your site.

WooCommerce 3.0 is a major update

This means that a backup is imperative and testing first is highly recommended!

Backup & Test

To test your live site you’ll need a clone of it. Some hosts allow you to create a clone with a click of a button. If it isn’t that easy with your host, I recommend Updraft Plus plugin(you’ll need this $30 version). Here’s how to use that plugin:

  1. Install Updraft Plus & Premium plugins into your Live Site. Activate.
  2. Run backups. Remember where you are saving them.
  3. Create a new WordPress install on your hosting account – let’s call this “WooCommerce Test Blog”
  4. Install Updraft Plus & Premium plugins into WooCommerce Test Blog. Activate.
  5. Follow instructions here to move the original Live backup to the WooCommerce test blog.
  6. Then click “Restore”. Easy peasy! (For more help, click here.)

A fun video on what ‘cloning’ means and why it’s important.

How To Update Your Site – WooCommerce Docs

Update in the right order

There is a right and wrong order in which to update your site, plugins and themes. When it comes to this WooCommerce 3.0 update, this is the correct order:

  1. Plugins: update everything except WooCommerce, and any WC Extensions/Plugins
  2. Themes: your regular site theme
  3. WordPress
  4. If all those are updated, THEN update WooCommerce.

Is Upgrading Really Worth The Hassle?

In short, yes. What makes it worth upgrading is all the secure and fast code. Although there are some neat features that you can see as a user or author, there are far more things going on beneath the hood, so to speak. I’ll list these below, in the best non-geek I can muster. 🙂

But for security, it is always best practice to stay updated as soon as possible.

Snazzy Features of WooCommerce 3.0

  1. The biggest update is one you cannot see: the code is so.much.faster. And more secure, and streamlined, and just so much sexier.What this means for you – is safer and better plugins and extensions. And if you have sites with 1,000’s of products a noticeable increase in speed.
  2. Biggest visible update: the galleries are woo-hoo snazzier! They have touch navigation for mobiles, they have bigger reveals in lightboxes and they load faster. It is an all-around better experience that is drastically improved on mobile devices.
New WooCommerce Gallery
  1. Store-wide Notice is now dismiss-able by users. Which is great! You can put up a new notice and not worry about removing it.
  2. Tax rates will now automatically organize themselves.
  3. And again – can I just mention – all the cool standardized code we’re using now??? 😀

That’s a wrap for the super-cool new WooCommerce version 3.0.

If you need any help, we’re always here!

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