WordPress 2.8 and Google Analytics

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Hello all,

I wrote here about upgrading to wordpress 2.8.   And if you follow my directions, you will be able to log out and log back into your blog no problem.  However, if you leave the plugins active, you will likely not be allowed back into your blog once you log out.  You will need to erase/rename the offending plugin from your wp-includes/plugins directory.

***There is a conflict with the Google Analytics plugin that we provide to most blogs when we install them.

To resolve this conflict:

  1. Please deactivate this plugin
  2. Install “Google Analytics for WordPress” by Joost DeValk.  It is compatible with 2.8 and Joost has been a part of the WordPress community for as long as I have, and I trust him to keep this plugin up to date.
  3. These plugins are completely FREE, so if you desire, you can donate a cup of coffee here.

If this is the plugin you currently have, then be sure to upgrade to the latest version before you upgrade your blog.  And then, if you haven’t already, you too may want to make a small donation.

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  1. Thank for this confirmation!

    I upgraded to WordPress 2.8 some time ago and it has been working fine, until earlier this afternoon when I upgraded the Google Analytics plugin. I was getting an internal server error and had to go though plugins one by one until I found the offending one.

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