All in One Business Website Package

When you know WordPress is best, but do not need the learning curve, price and headache involved.

What platform is the All in One Business Website on?

WordPress of course! But this is WordPress like you haven’t seen before. This is your ideal alternative to Wix and Squarespace. It has all the benefits of WordPress (like ownership, security, extensibility, longevity, ease of use, SEO) without the bad stuff like $$$ every year for developers, and hours wasted on YouTube.

If you’re frustrated with WordPress and considering a switch to Wix or Squarespace, this is the middle ground you’re looking for!

All in One Business Website Package!

You get ALL of this in one package:

Done for You Website

Website hosting, domain name, email, firewall, upgrades, backups, SSL, DNS, SMTP, IMAP, POP3 and all the acronyms.

Simplified Dashboard

Your dashboard is WordPress. The one and only. But simplified. Your All in One Business dashboard will ONLY show: posts, pages, media, users and statistics.

Beautiful Branding

We use the best WordPress framework for SEO & speed (Kadence WP). These worksheets contain all the choices and copy we need to create your website!

Under Budget

It’s all one price: security, speed, anti-spam, backups, upgrades, contact forms, google analytics setup, SEO plugins, social sharing and it’s all included.

a Geek on Call

When you need help adding pages, addresses, phone numbers, images and emails – we’re here to help!
Importing and Exporting available.

24/7 Support

Premium Video Tutorials from WP101 are included to help you take advantage of all that your site offers.

What Our Clients Are Saying


The All in One Business Website Package is $89/mo, now at $52/mo.
Purchase today to lock in the 40% discount for life.


Billed Monthly

$52 / month

Domain Name
Premium Kadence Framework

Available after 12 months


Billed Yearly

$624 / 12 months

LOCK IN this price now!

How it Works

  • Purchase the yearly plan (and transfer to monthly after 12 months).
  • You will be directed to the Worksheets page – upload the worksheets and leave us any notes.
  • We will create the website within 5 business days!
  • You have up to 30 days to play with it, before deciding on a launch day.
  • Your launch day!


Get some answers to your questions!

I get it – this is the cheapest price we’ve ever been able to offer.

Here’s the deal: because we’re looking after all the admin tasks – including plugins and themes and security – we’re giving you Editor-only access – which all 99% of our clients need. At this level, you can’t mess it up (but that’s not a challenge!!) and our maintenance costs will stay low.

This is the same access you’d get in a proprietary set up like WIX or Squarespace. Except you get the benefits of WordPress – longevity, stability, ridiculous support & choice of developers. And you can migrate this site to a true Admin-enabled site at any time and take advantage of the extensibility and ownership too.

You have your choice of any Kadence Starter templates. You will select the colors, fonts and logo that you want. And we will install it all. If you want custom styles and branding, have a look at our Custom theme offerings. Here are the content worksheets that walk through every item we will need. After purchase, you will need to send the completed worksheets before we begin.

Getting found in search engines is really important! Download our SEO guidebook for writing online. Or start simple, with the beginners’ articles on getting found on Google.

The All in One Business package includes unlimited support for all its features and benefits! We will help you create pages, posts, upload media, change your password, etc. Support does not extend to new features or functions that are not part of the All in One Business website. For example – we will not create or edit social media profiles, shops, directories, portfolios, etc.

Your site will be created and launched quickly and inexpensively, while still maintaining the quality and security of WordPress.

EXPORTING: Everything you create in your All in One Business Site is easy to export. When you’re ready to upgrade to custom branding, ecommerce, or full control of your site, all your content will be ready to go with you.

Book a call to go over any reservations or questions. This is not a consultation and we cannot help you create your content in this package – you can get all the help you need through support tickets though!