The Thing I Haven’t Said

The Thing I Haven’t Said

Tonight – literally 30 seconds ago – I was reading the Impact Equation – the very first chapters about clearly communicating your message to the people that matter to you.

And it hit me like a ton of bricks that I have not actually stated what is on my heart – this very important thing – and the reason that I work at DSWP every day.

There are thousands of WordPress website developers out there. There are probably thousands in the US alone. But what we, at DSWP, provide is different. And it is a big hairy audacious difference that changes the game.

We know it changes the game because everyone naturally gravitates to these things. As consumers we look for these kinds of people and expect these kinds of services. In fact we go further than just expecting these services, we tend to develop relationships with these kinds of business partnersSometimes we just click with them.

Our goal is not to click with people, although we do hope that happens! Our goal is simply to provide you with

– trustworthy

– knowledgeable and

friendly services.

The Silent Goal

I’m slapping my forehead for not mentioning this sooner. Instead of actually coming out and saying what we hope to be and do, I was hoping to demonstrate it. We all agree actions are louder than words, yes?

This is why the articles and tutorials on this site are designed to help answer the questions that you have. If you choose to try to do some technical things yourself, I hope that our tutorials give you a step-by-step guide. The goal of the tutorials is also to help provide sound and knowledgeable advice. There is a wealth of information online and a lot of it is at best misleading, and sometimes downright false. You do not ever have to worry about that from us. Never ever. Like, never. (Couldn’t resist.)

Fake It Til You Make It

The reason that we picked these main attributes to define our particular WordPress services is because it is us. It is who we are – Heather and I. We believe in kindness, approach-ability, charity, and most importantly – honesty.  I suppose there will be cranky days when we will just not be feeling particularly fuzzy, but then we’ll fake it!


I could talk about this for days… Instead of pointing to things that are blatantly misleading in the SEO or marketing worlds, how about I share an analogy? I liken the trust that some of you have for us, to the trust that I have for my car’s mechanic. I tend to be a ‘why’ person. So he patiently answers my questions when I quiz him as to what happened, why it happened, could it be prevented, etc. But in the end, if he holds up a circle thingy and says it was supposed to be oval-ish, I believe him. Because I don’t understand circle/oval issues, don’t care to look up the name, function, and diagram of said circle thingy, I just let him do his job.

We have a rapport. And I trust that he is looking after my car, my needs, and not ripping me off. And for that trust, I keep going back to him and referring him more business when my friends need a car guy.

I suspect for a lot of you, the technology that keeps your website running is an awful lot like a circle- thingy. And I’m okay with that. Heather and I will make it our goal to earn your trust.


I can be the nicest person in the world. But unless I’m mistaken, hot air isn’t enough to run a website. Your developers  need to be up to date on the best practices of SEO, Marketing, Social Media, website standards, and WordPress.  And its a good thing I enjoy said topics because – wow – my feed reader is really busy.


Heather and I were beginners at blogging, at developing, at owning a business.  And we understand what its like, we understand growth pains, we understand learning new technologies. And we are here to make it all as easy as possible. We believe that you are an expert or expert-to-be in your field, and that we need to be in ours. And just because we’re a little geekier doesn’t give us a right to be know-it-alls or condescending. Plus, we really care about you, your message and your enterprise.

Phew. I said it. Thats us! Have you taken the time to write out what makes you unique?

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