Say Goodbye to Website Stress

These month-to-month plans take care of everything a blogger or small business needs!

We got you covered whether you’re looking for regular backups or custom development.


Maintenance Provides

  • peace of mind – business owners have enough to worry about, leave your website to the experts!
  • relief! No more trying to stay ‘up to date’ on new features, we’ll keep you apprised
  • happier readers: all aspects of your site will be stable, secure and available
  • more pageviews: search engines will love you
  • savings: you don’t need to hire a developer whenever you have a question


The packages on this page are for maintenance of a WordPress site on a regular basis.

One Time Upgrade: try this Pro Upgrade package or this DIY Guide to WP Maintenance.

Support Ticket: if you need one-time help from a WordPress developer contact

Graphic Design: Contact Cathy if you’re looking for advanced functionality or graphic design.

What is included in the Support Plans?

We take care of your regular maintenance needs: security issues, technical issues, regular software updates, keep it speedy, take daily backups and ensure search engines are happy with it. 

All plans include regular updates to core and plugins. Our premium clients enjoy parent theme updates and database cleanup too.

All plans include security scanning and protection with our proprietary formula (no extra plugins). And every site is backed up in a different server than your hosting server. We have nearly-instant access to restore any compromised page or site.

Everyone gets a detailed report on the 15th of each month. If you need a custom plan, feel free to contact Cathy Mitchell for a quote.

Premium clients’ websites also receive a ping every 5 minutes to confirm uptime. A developer is notified by cell phone immediately should the site seem ‘down’. It is taken care of immediately; most of the time before you are aware of the problem.

We treat each site as carefully as we do our own. We got you!


Daily backups are performed on a separate server. Instant access is available to restore files or sites.


Screenshots are taken before and after each upgrade. We are notified immediately if there are discrepancies. Security upgrades are performed within hours.


We scan your site weekly. We harden the site from all known vulnerabilities. This removes the ability of admins to edit core files within the dashboard


We use and recommend Cloudflare to protect your site’s DNS security. This also affects the speed and security of your site.


Growth & Business plans include premium firewall with Malcare, DDOS prevention and bot management.

Core Web Vitals

Passing CWV is important to getting your site on Google. We make sure you pass and continue to pass for the duration of your maintenance plan.


Your uptime is monitored in Growth & Business plans. When there is an interruption in service the on-call person is alerted and fixes it, usually before you are aware of the issue.

Email Support

The support desk is open for any and all questions. Anything we can do without editing your site, is included free of charge on Growth & Business plans.

Block Editor

Block Editor classes are available for all our maintenance clients. Access to future courses are included.

Phone Support

Business plans include telephone support. Give us a call! We’re here to help!

Quick Fix Tickets

Anything that we can accomplish in 30 minutes is considered a quick fix ticket. They are not transferrable nor stackable.


Every month we deliver a report of all activities we performed on your site, date stamped and detailed.

What Our Clients Are Saying


How many pageviews do you get on average?
Find the package likely to suit you, by calculating
your average pageviews.


Under 10,000 pageviews

$49 / month

  • Backups: daily
  • Malware Scan: weekly
  • Upgrades: core, plugins
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Email Support
  • Core Web Vitals Support
  • GA Reporting
  • Tickets
  • Report: monthly

No waitlist


Under 500,000 pageviews

$119 / month

  • Backups: daily
  • Security: all
  • Upgrades: all
  • Uptime Monitoring: 5 min
  • Core Web Vitals Support
  • Email Support
  • GA Reporting
  • Tickets
  • Report: Monthly

7-10 Days waitlist


Under 2 mil pageviews

$199 / month

  • Backups: daily
  • Security: all
  • Upgrades: all
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Core Web Vitals Support
  • Email & Phone Support
  • GA Reporting
  • 2 Tickets
  • Report: Monthly

14 Days waitlist

How it Works

  • Site onboarding and testing includes a tracker that we add to your live site. This allows us to communicate with your site, monitor its health and perform backups and upgrades
  • Depending on your plan, we will add and configure the following services: security firewall, image optimization, DNS speed, caching, SSL certificate, core web vitals, GA4, social sharing, social proof, fast premium forms.
  • During the next month, you get access to our developers for Quick Fix Tickets, and we monitor your site minute by minute. Security and function issues are handled the same day, often within minutes. Those on the basic plan are given the information they need to proceed with a DIY approach.
  • On the 15th, you will receive a detailed report included what was done on your site and when.
  • We request a commitment of 3 months, and you can cancel anytime thereafter with 30 days notice by email or phone.


Get some answers to your questions!

We request a minimum commitment of 3 months. The onboarding process allows our team of WordPress experts time to optimize your site and is the best way to get a thorough review.

Yes – these are things that are a Quick Fix Ticket. You may email our expert team at to use your plan’s Quick Fix tickets. Or to request help from the team, by hour.

If anything goes wrong, feel free to reach out. In most cases we are aware within minutes of any issues. For minor changes, small issues, questions and support – use a Quick Fix Ticket or email the support desk. We can help with our reasonable developer rates ($89) and lots of experience working with content creators just like you.

Quick Fix tickets are anything our speedy WP developer can accomplish in 15 minutes. Quick Fixes may not be combined. One issue per request. They do not roll over to the next month. For more help feel free to email the support desk at Hourly rates apply ($89/hr).

The following plugins include excellent customer service and the highest standards of coding: WP-Rocket,, Happy Forms Premium, NovaShare, Monster Insights, WPFomify (social proof), WPVivid Staging, WP Asset Cleanup Pro

Yes, the ‘security scans’ is also a malware scan and will detect all reported security vulnerabilities, and some zero-day vulnerabilities too.

Most requests are handled within regular business hours. We have a cell phone that is pinged 24/7 anytime a site goes down or shows any serious technical issue. Emergencies are handled immediately day or night.