Say Goodbye to a Slow Website!

The core web vital service will get your site loading at a passing mark, every time all the time!

Details of our Core Web Vital (one-time) service below!


What is included in this service?

We review your site on GTMetrix (mobile and desktop) and on litespeed by Google.  

We will move your DNS Zone to Cloudflare, which is free, but also faster and safer than any other DNS Zone host.

We will review and make recommendations for speeding up any part of your website that is causing issues. This includes

any plugin or theme that is causing a fail in GTMetrix.

We will install an image caching plugin (, and file optimization plugin (WP-Rocket). We use every feature that these plugins provide and have years of experience optimizing many different sites, the most difficult being e-commerce with large databases.

We treat each site as carefully as we do our own. We got you!


We test on the latest and most accurate tools available.


We will make any recommendations for needed services.


While taking care of your Core Web Vitals, we also get the opportunity to cross-service a few security metrics. So we do so.


We use and recommend Cloudflare to protect your site’s DNS security. This also affects the security of your site.

EWWW.IO is a premium plugin that optimizes images on your server and also optimizes them on a CDN, which then serves webp version on the fly, where possible and supported.

WP Rocket

We will optimize js, php, html files. We will pre-load css and clean up unused css. We will pre-load domains where possible. And also defer and delay any js we can without affecting function.

What Our Clients Are Saying


How it Works

  • We start with GT Metrix scans on desktop and mobile. We save these for reference and comparison.
  • We optimize your DNS, hosting and theme first. Sending you recommendations when we cannot help.
  • We then optimize your plugins and add optimization WP-Rocket. We customize WP Rocket to load everything as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • We then optimize all images and files on your server. Then we load a CDN to serve modern image formats on the fly.
  • We then re-test and continue to optimize until we get a passing grade. When we are finished, we will send you both tests so you can see the work performed. We will send a recommendation for any further work we think will be helpful.


Get some answers to your questions!

You will get a refund if we cannot get your site to pass (not 100% but at the very least a pass).

We will make recommendations but we will not edit or change your theme.

We do require WP-Rocket and We have extensive experience with these plugins and the companies that run them. We believe they are the best on the market (and yes, we’ve tried Smush and Shortpixel).

WP Rocket & renew annually at $50/ea/yr. This will be invoiced annually. Alternatively you can purchase your own license and we will install it.