WordPress Security Explained & How to Stay Secure in 3 Steps

Let’s address the rumors about WordPress security. There are rumors that WordPress is insecure, then there are guesses as to whose fault that is. There are proposed solutions that range anywhere from free to several hundred dollars a month. But I’m not sure where this is coming from!

This information I’m sharing today is from my own 10 years experience, Sucuri.net, ProBlogger.net, Copyblogger and numerous hosting companies (WPEngine, SiteGround, OrangeGeek, HostGator, GoDaddy and more).

WordPress Security Explained

Video Summary for Readers

I’m a post reader/skimmer all the way so I can’t imagine not including this!

Malware shows up as:

  • odd code/characters all over your site, especially in the footer or header
  • links that you didn’t put in the text
  • links to spammy places
  • redirections to other pages
  • automatic downloads to your computer

WordPress Security Plugins are never necessary.

Best practices for securing your site:

  1. Update all software, remove unused software including themes, plugins and widgets.
  2. Be uber careful of which plugins are used.
  3. Choose a good password

All security is moot if you don’t have a good host. Those with small accounts are at higher risk. Those with bigger accounts likely have their own VPS or server, making it easier to secure.

Let me know if you have questions – that’s what I’m here for!

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