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Professional Upgrades for WordPress

If tech isn’t your thing, or you’d just like a hand, this is for you. The Pro Upgrade service is all of the following:

  • a professional security scan
  • an audit of all your plugins and themes
  • a review of your SEO & a free SEO report
  • speed tests on both mobile & laptop
  • off-site backup (kept for 30 days)
  • upgrades wherever needed

If you do not regularly perform maintenance on your WordPress website, we recommend this service. Most websites need this service every quarter (3 months) to keep it secure.

If you have a business website, we recommend a monthly service for maintenance. Details of that are here.

Provided in this Pro Upgrade Service (click below to order):

SCANS We scan your site. We look for changes, malware, ‘invisible’ code and down-time.

BACKUPS We create an independent off-site backup of all your files & db. Backups are kept for 1 month.

UPGRADES Out of date software is the number one cause of hacked sites. We upgrade all the site software – both plugins and themes.

REVIEWS Every plugin adds to your page’s load time and risk of complication. We review your site for unknown or unproven plugins and suggest alternatives.

CLEAN Just like your laptop – a nice clean site runs faster and smoother. We clean up all unused plugins, delete all spam, post revisions, and database overhead.

REPORT We review and report back on major findings and things that you may want to address.

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