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All in One WordPress Package

Get a Website – the Easy Way

All in One Package Features

$495 USD

The All in One Package provides everything you need to get your own website.  If you’ve already decided that WordPress is the solution for your business, this package will get you up and started quickly.

All in One Package FAQ

No, there is no one-on-one training included in this package. But you can request some one-on-one time with one of our friendly geeks here

Email names like “info” or “admin” are sure to catch a lot of spam. We recommend your first name if appropriate or something for your business, like “[email protected]” or “[email protected]”. From there you can administer your email through tags or folders.

We use the best current practices based on information from, and Google WebMaster. We configure the basic settings so that you have nothing to learn or do before your site is ready for you. Once you have your content installed, contact us for recommendations on further optimizing your site.

All in One Fascinating Info

Registration (terms for your domain name)
Hosting TOU (terms for your hosting account)
Service Level Agreement (terms for using this website)

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