Monthly Maintenance Plans

We know influencers are capable of substantial real-world success. But to get there you need a secure, reliable platform. The problem is the learning curve which would erode anyone’s confidence.

We believe your time is best spent in your zone of genius – not learning all the tech which is gonna change next month anyway.

That’s why our maintenance packages

include an Influencer Support Desk.

Here is how it works:

  • Apply to join our family of VIPs.
  • We track your site 24/7 and run tests daily.
  • We take care of, and alert you to problems.
  • You email the Influencer Support Desk whenever you have a website or digital marketing question.
  • You get discounts on our other services.

More questions? Give Cathy an email – ask your questions and see if we’re a good fit.

We’re here to help!

Choose a Plan

Basic Plan

$29/ month

  • Upgrades
  • Backups
  • Report
  • Influencer Support Desk

Growth Plan

$79 / month

  • Everything from Basic +
  • Security Scan-Weekly
  • Uptime Monitoring – 5 minutes
  • Premium Plugins1 & Configuration
  • Influencer Support Desk
  • Speed Monitoring
  • Small Edits
  • Malware Removal

Business Plan

$119 / month

  • Everything from Basic
  • Speed Monitoring – daily
  • Everything from Growth
  • 2 Small Edits
  • Malware Removal
  • Influencer Support Desk

1Premium Plugins
Plan II gets WP-Rocket, and up to 10,000 credits.
Plan III gets WP-Rocket,, WPFomify(social proof), Happy Forms Pro, WPVivid Staging, WP Asset Cleanup Pro.

Add-ons & Discounts

Discounts for Hosting Clients

If your hosting is with us (WPB Hosting), a discount of 15% is available for Growth and Business plans.

There are no discounts available for the Basic Plan.

Small Edits

A small edit is one we can do in under 30 minutes. They may be purchased in increments of 2 for $35ea.

Small Edits expire at the end of the month and cannot be carried over to the next.

Core Web Vitals (Speed)

An audit & fix is available for $199 for our maintenance clients. See details here.

Malware Cleaning

In the event you need malware cleaned off your site, and you have the Basic plan, the fee is $99, if you have a Growth plan, the fee is $79. (Regularly $149) Cleaning is included in the Business plan.

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Am I locked in a contract?

We do ask you to try the service for 3 months. Onboarding and reviewing your site requires at least triple the attention that the later months do.

Will you change a plugin/ edit a color/ fix xyz?

If we can answer it via email, it is included in Growth & Business plans. If you have a Basic plan, please inquire as to the time/cost of any services you need. We are here to help!

If we have to visit your site to assist, it counts as a Small Edit. If no pre-paid Small Edits are on your account, we will provide a quote.

How much help do you provide?

Email support is included in the Growth Plan. Phone & Email support is included for Business Plan. “Small Edits” are available to pre-purchase(which is a discount on our regular rate).

If you have a bigger project to discuss please email [email protected]

What is “Influencer Support Desk”?

When we get a question from a maintenance client they go to the top of the list. Business Plan clients get answered first.

Everyone gets answered the same business day.

Which Premium Plugins are included?

Premium plugins in the Growth Plan include WP-Rocket and

Premium plugins in the Business Plan include those in Growth plus Happy Forms Premium, WPFomify (social proof), WPVivid Staging, WP Asset Cleanup Pro.

Premium plugins are only available on Growth & Business Plans.