Consultation With Cathy Mitchell

When you know WordPress is best, but hesitate with a few questions… get them answered quickly and on your time table.

Why is Cathy Able to Help me?

Since 2007 Cathy has been working with WordPress. She has been the WordPress consultant for Stanford Medical School, Jack Frost Design, Living Proof and 100’s of local companies.

Cathy has been featured in Restored316, General Mills Canada, Rising Tide Society, Family Circle Magazine, Belong Magazine, Elevate & Cultivate, Big Orange Heart and Buzzing Creatives. She’s been a speaker for WordPress WordCamp and WordPress Meetups, and trained with the best WordPress freelancers and creatives in New York City and Oregan, USA.

Consultations are Available on the following Topics

One or more of these are available at each consultation.

Website Platforms

If you are deciding on the platform to use, the host and domain registrar – I can help with those questions. Keep in mind I’m a WordPress expert and can speak to it’s pros and cons, only.

Block Editor

Should you have questions about how to use the block editor, I am here to help. If you’re using Kadence, I have pre-recorded video classes available here.

Branding & USP

If you need help completing the branding workbook, and discussing your Unique Selling Proposition, I can help with that. My expertise is WordPress but branding and running a small business is a passion project. 🙂

SEO & Keywords

I have spoken and written on SEO extensively, but if tutorials aren’t your thing and you prefer to ask questions directly, I am available. I can review and audit with you on the call, or we can review your SEO Audit results.

Anything Else?

If it is WordPress related, it is likely that I can help. We have worked with the major WordPress agencies, rubbed shoulders with the founders and best creatives in the business. And we’ve been operating in WordPress and Open Source since 2007.

What Our Clients Are Saying

How it Works

  • Purchase a consultation and you’ll be directed to the scheduler.
  • Schedule your appointment up to 60 days in advance.
  • Feel free to message me with any questions in advance so I can prepare. Or we can discuss your questions on the call. It’s up to you.

Sessions start at $120 or $220 for universities.


Get some answers to your questions!

After purchase you will be directed to my calendar to book an appointment. Appointments are first-come first-served and rarely book more than 5-7 days ahead. I only allow 60 days pre-booking.

I’m sorry I do not. I have tried in the past but packages are too expensive for most clients and we are likely to fill your brain with ideas and to-do’s after just one appointment.

All appointments are over zoom and are video-enabled. You will get more out of the appointment if you are ready to be seen on video and we can communicate over a virtual cup of coffee.

For the fastest internet connection, plugin a cable from your device to your router/internet connection. Do not use WIFI.

The price is the same regardless of the number of participants. So get a few friends and spread out the cost among you! Please limit it to 4 attendees including yourself, or contact me if you’d like more than 4 to attend. Thank you!