50+ Newsletter Ideas


Use as many or as few of these as appeal to your audience. Be transparent, be authentic – be unique! There are four examples to give you a few ideas of how to use the topics: Flower shop, Cleaning Company, Etsy Jewelry store, and Software Development company.

Example: Flower Shop

    1. Stories!
      Best mother’s day present you ever received
    2. News/newsworthy
      Last day to order flowers for mother’s day
    3. Opinion piece
      Are flowers really the best present?
    4. Current events
      Will presidential race affect flower importing?
    5. Media coverage
      Inform your readers of newspaper articles/features
    6. Events
      Mother Daughter flower arranging!
    7. Event photos/ review
      Photos of flower arranging class & results
    8. Event speech, slide deck, video, MP3
      How to video on flower arrangements

Example: Cleaning Company

    1. Announcements: new event.
      Spring cleaning sale
    2. Calendar of events/ upcoming start dates
      Deadlines for upcoming events and sales
    3. Company goals / mission / values
      Our goal is to keep your home chemical & allergen free
    4. Historical fact
      Cleaning has always been done by extended families for new mothers – only recently have we held motherhood to such high standards. Let us help!
    5. Featured Employee / staff profile
      Sarah has been with us for 3 years. She loves to help young moms and senior citizens feel settled and comfortable.

    6. Featured Customer
      Meet Jim. He’s a bachelor who works long hours. We provide him with a cleaning and laundry service so he can enjoy his weekends with his daughter.

Etsy Shop – Jewelry

    1. New Product
      Aren’t these darling? Mother/Daughter infinity symbols.
    2. Product Review
      Sally posted a video of her graduation photo shoot with her new bracelet! View that here!Product Unboxing & delighted customer
    3. We sent Jenny & Becky our most popular BFF necklaces – have a peak at their reactions!Behind the scenes – creating the product/service
    4. Another day at the shop! [Sneak Peak inside]
    5. Behind the scenes – packing / shipping it with love
      One of my favorite things – packaging these in our beautiful boxes and wrap!
    6. Tutorial for Use – screencasting or video
      It’s very easy to remove a few links to get the desired size. Have a look here.A Tool to make using your product/service easier
    7. We love these jewelry display cases from Sylvia’s Etsy Shop: here.
    8. Industry Tip
      Paint the stems of earrings with clear nailpolish to prevent allergic reactions!Product Use case
    9. Cleaning- company could use this idea to feature the reduction of allergic reactions in one of their clients.
    10. FAQ
      Return Policy
      How to Size Online
      Adding/Removing Length from bracelets
      How to order ring sizeQ & A
    11. May’s birthstone! Have a look at these adaptations!Top 10 – humorous or educational
    12. Our most poignant customer requests – get the kleenex!

Example: Online Photography Class

    1. Insider tips/ insider look
      Have a look at this recent grad’s portfolio!Expert Interview
    2. We let expert photographer, Garry, into our class to get his feedback. Read his thoughts here.Customer Interview
    3. We interviewed Amy after she purchased to find out why she signed up for this class, and how it has helped her fledgling business.
    4. Customer Testimonial
      We love it when we get unsolicited thanks in the mailbox! Have a look at this sweet card from Daniel.
    5. Survey / Poll
      Complete the one-question form here.Invitation
    6. Join us for our annual graduation ceremony and rank the graduates latest shots.Request a referral
    7. If you loved this class as much as we loved teaching it, would you tell a friend by clicking here?
    8. Special Giveaways & Discounts
      If your friend joins with you in February – you both receive half off!Freebies – gift cards, prints, etc
    9. We love this shot from Tom so much that we created this sweet phone wallpaper for download!
    10. Social initiatives / giving back
      We love teaching photography and we donate our services in the local kids club to encourage an appreciation of the arts and nature.Invite to participate in social initiatives
    11. Join us this Friday at the Cultural Center as we invite the kids to share their shots!Create a special online community/ club / slack / group
    12. This year we’ve added an Insider club to the class. Every participant and graduate has access to this incredible resource.

Example: Building Online Software

  1. Go deeper – promote newer & more exciting offers when they’re ready
    Version 2.0 is coming out next month! We can’t wait to give you a sneak peak into all the cool new features!
  2. Seasonal photos of the work space
    Ah spring!! We all had to get outside on the lawn last Friday for a little laptops & sunshine!Regular photos of work in progress
  3. It’s a lot louder in here than it looks with everyone’s heads down – the tapping of keyboards and constant background noise gets to be loud!Manage change – lots of warning
  4. With version 2.0 will come a change in pricing – but we thing you’ll like the changes coming.
  5. Photos and updates from a company mascot or profile
    Yes, we made Jim, the owner, get dolled up today! haha
  6. Thank you’s & appreciation for clients
    Congratulations to Lenora who’s been in business for 10 years now! Catch her interview on the blog today!
  7. Window into company culture
    Did you know that we do lunch dates? Each department ‘dates’ another department once a week! Here’s Tanya and Mark at the bagel shop across the street.
  8. Humour, cartoons, light & personable
    Gah! I tried to get a photo of Tanya & Mark but they were too quick! lol
  9. Collaboration with other industries with similar markets – content from a fresh voice!
    Today we have our payroll company being UN-boring! Bring it, guys!!
  10. Promotions/ ads of complementary industries
    If you ever need a task management & collaboration app, these are the guys! We use their app daily and love it!Promote tools that you use
  11. New! View the resources page on our blog – see all the things that we need to run our business.Personal touch: you like balloons? Cats? Incorporate them!
  12. Who loves cats?!?!