Add your first newsletter to MailChimp

This tutorial is for those that have finished the set up with mailchimp. At this point the sign-up form is on your site and the signup incentive is being delivered automatically.

Now we’ll walk you through your first newsletter – MailChimp calls these “Campaigns”.

Note – this is NOT your automatic email that sends out your posts. (That is an RSS Campaign) This is the separate content that is your ‘newsletter’.

1. Log in

1 - login

2. Create Campaign – Regular Ol’ Campaign


3. Select List


4. Campaign Info


– Name your campaign – no one will see this except you

Complete – Subject of Email, From Name, From Email

5. Select a Template

7. Select Template

6. Pick a Template to Start With

If we designed one for you – it will be named “Company Name – Newsletter/Email Template

7. Write your content

Click the content box on the left. The editable-box will show up on the right. Paste or type your content. Include images, links or Table of Contents.

5. Create content

8. Review & Test

Review each item in the checklist. “Resolve” any items needed. And test via email and smart phone.


9. Schedule or Send

When you’re ready, send that baby away! 🙂