Why bloggers should focus on email marketing

Creating the list and building a community around a common interest is a wonderful feeling, but it is also the way to understand your audience, empathize with their problems and find solutions to help them. You get to know their pain points, you provide value and establish your helpfulness. You be you and demonstrate how you would and can meet their needs. And eventually and periodically you can offer to fix problems for a fee.

Other than just finding it pretty cool, there are a lot of more business-y reasons for focusing on email marketing. Turns out that it should not just be a priority – it should be your PRIMARY FOCUS!

  1. If you sell something to your list, you do not have to build the list again for the next product, like a regular sales cycle.
  2. Email gives marketers a creative outlet to prove that we understand a prospect’s problem, we can provide a solution and we can do it in a delightful way.” – Unbounce founder {Pretty much what I said except much more eloquent.}
  3. Emails are a direct line to your audience. Any social media platform is not yours and can go away any time the developer wishes. If Google disappears your list and your company will still survive. Assuming there’s no zombie apocalypse.
  4. Email is extremely scalable – you can go deeper with each new customer individually. ( if you’re making use of an automated intro sequence)
  5. People are attracted to email. We check it obsessively. It converts better than any other platform – says Every Expert On The Internet.
  6. An email’s lifespan is decided by the recipient. It will stay until read or archived or whatever. Unlike Facebook which has a 1-2% reach right now and Twitter with where’d-it-go tweets.