2 The Risks of Plugins

Your website is like a car. You do your best to keep all the windows and doors locked. You might even add an alarm. Nothing can harm it right?

But then you mistakenly fill it up with leaded gasoline, (for the young people, diesel). And that definitely will do harm. Diesel in this little scenario represents plugins. Anything you add to your site – in the form of code, plugins, themes has the potential to harm your site.

Most plugins are okay to use – but some are not. Do you know which is which?

If you know how to evaluate a plugin, you will likely install only the safe ones… so lets talk about that.

These are the questions we ask ourselves when evaluating a plugin:

  1. Do we know the author – does he have a solid developer reputation?
  2. Will the plugin be updated regularly to patch vulnerabilities?
  3. Is there any support included?
  4. Is it absolutely necessary? And will it slow my loading time?

If you’d like to keep your cars parked nice and securely in a garage, contact me about the maintenance package! We take care of the vulnerabilities, check your plugins and set up a monitoring service.