Configure Your Blog for Google’s Knowledge Graph

The description, facts, and social profiles are fetched from your website and Google+. We can’t control when they fetch them or if they display them. But we can tell Google what they are.

This is a Knowledge Graph search result:

Google profiles


1. Open your SEO tab. (you’ll need WordPress SEO plugin installed and activated for this)

2. Click the “General” tab, and go to Company Info. Complete that screen with your name, and whether you are registering as a person or business (similar to Google Plus) – you can only be one or the other. Not both. Yes, I know. Me too.

Knowledge Graph - Business or Personal

3. Go to the SEO tab, click on “Social” tab. Simply complete all the fields that you can under the “Accounts” tab. Then check all the first boxes in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest if they apply. If you’ve already verified with Google Plus, there is no need to do anything there.

KNowledge Graph URLs