Content Re-Purposing Do’s and Don’ts

RePurposing Do’s

  1. Post your new content to all your networks – remember that this is the 1 out of 10 posts that should be self-promoting; the rest should be helpful, entertaining, etc. 
  2. Adjust text to the network you are sharing it on – tone, length, use of hashtags
  3. Adjust image size and orientation based on where you are sharing it – e.g. vertical for Pinterest, horizontal for Twitter
  4. Switch up the format (text to video to graphic etc)
  5. Post your evergreen content more than once

RePurposing Don’ts

  1. Use automated services, such as tweeting links to your Facebook posts, like “ (+nothing else, no other description)”
    Do you really think anyone will bother clicking that?
  2. Tweeting links to Instagram posts (without the image getting pulled in, too) also belongs to this Don’t category (you can use IFTTT instead, it will pull in the image also and make your tweet a 100x more noticeable)
  3. Share the exact same social media post about your content 100’s of times; change it up!