Create a Purpose & Niche for your Blog

How to make your blog stand out

Niche Down

Have you heard the phrase, “niche down”?

A niche is a group of people with similar traits that you would like to reach with your message/website.

So to “niche down” is to select a more specific subset of this group/niche – to be more specific.

If you try to sell your blog to everyone, you will fail miserably too. Just pick your audience and write to THEM. And them only. For example, if I’m looking for a recipe for a gluten free chocolate cake, I’ll find 2,020,000 results in Google.

But if I find a Canadian entirely gluten free blog that specializes in a dual-mode kitchen – I’m there.  She’s my person – I know she’ll get me.

So who will think, “she gets me” about you? 

How to make your blog stand out:


To teach people their ‘why’ is the mission of Simon Sinek. And he wrote the book, “Start with Why” which I highly recommend. The premise is that when you understand and believe that what you’re doing is important, you put more passion behind it, and passion is contagious.

Human beings are drawn to passionate people. The people who have made the biggest impact on us, have been people of passion – think Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill or Martin Luther King.

To impact people and grab their hearts with your message – they need to know your why. If you can convince them of that purpose, you will naturally draw people to you who share that purpose.

Is your why clear? How do you incorporate your passion and purpose in your blog?