Easy Links & Post ID Plugin for WordPress


The Post ID’s plugin is still a good idea, however we have not recently reviewed the CREF plugin.

That particular column made using the CREF plugin easy.  You will LOVE the CREF plugin if you:

  • have a cooking blog
  • photo blog
  • write a bunch of posts that you want linked together
  • want to add links of your best work into a post or page.

I regularly make lists of my recipes on my gluten-free blog, mainly to participate in Menu memes.  Because of this CREF plugin, this is all I need to do to make my list:

  • [cref ID}
  • [cref ID]
  • [cref ID]

Where “ID” is the number of the recipe post.  How cool is that?  No more find it, copy the url, click on the infinity symbol up there (What’s with that anyway?) and paste.  Times 7 recipes.

Another use is adding links to similar photos in your photo blog.  TOLD you it was useful!

How To

So, first download and install the plugin: Reveal ID’s so now you can see the ID numbers.

Now you are good to go with the Cross-References plugin.