What Is An Email Marketing Provider & Recommendations

So, why can’t you just paste emails into that ‘blind copy’ box in gmail and go about your emailing? 

What a great question! 

The short answer: your emails will not be delivered.

There are blocks in place to prevent people from sending hundreds or thousands of emails at a time. Somehow it doesn’t seem to do enough – I still have a spam box that is overflowing. Nevertheless, your emails won’t be delivered if you send from a regular email address.

The only way to participate in mass emailing, ie: email marketing, is to use an email marketing service. They are ‘whitelisted’ with most email inboxes because they insist that their users follow a few rules:

  1. you must login to the service with a real verifiable identity
  2. new subscribers must opt-in – and in most cases, double opt-in
  3. you must include a physical mailing address
  4. you must include an unsubscribe link with each email
  5. you may not subscribe someone to your list who has unsubscribed (they must do it themselves)

Email Marketing Recommendations

For beginners, I recommend Mailchimp because it is free.

A lot of people are now switching to email marketing programs that also provide easy-to-create opt-in forms. Convert Kit and Lead Pages are two of the popular ones.  These companies generally provide easy segmentation and autoresponders as well.

A lot of people leave Mailchimp because they assume that the segmentation and auto-responders aren’t as robust as the other guys, but that’s not true. The segmentation and easy automation features are fairly new but definitely available.