Embed Youtube Video

Embedding videos is a built-in feature of WordPress. As with all built-in features, you do not need a plugin!

WordPress Tutorial: Embed Youtube Video in WordPress

Step 1: Go to youtube and copy the link from the browser window. Somewhere in the url there should be the word, “watch” in it.

Step 2: Paste that link into your post like this:youtube embed-3

It should automatically convert to this:

youtube embed - 2

If it does not, do not fret! The embed will NOT work is if there is something else on the same line as the link. Even a blank space will cause issues in rendering the video.

Step 3: Fix it!

youtube embed 4

Simply put your cursor at the front of the “h” in the link and hit [backspace] a bunch of times.  You should now be at the front of the line. Then click on the [end] button on your keyboard so the cursor is now at the very last character of the link, and click [return]. Your link is now on its own line. To test this, click the [preview] button in the publish box – it will open a new tab, that will look like this:

youtube embed preview