How to use Pinterest

Pinterest Basics:

  1. optimizing your profile
  2. creating strategic boards
  3. using pins strategically on each board
  4. organizing boards strategically
  5. keyword research
  6. optimizing pins
  7. cleaning boards regularly

If you’re not sure what these things are check out this next section:

How to Learn Pinterest – for Beginners

Free Resources

Here are some free posts and articles that will get you on the right track learning Pinterest! They are geared to the novice user:

Real Simple: How to use Pinterest

Make Use of: Ridiculously Thorough Guide to Pinterest for Beginners

Blogging Bookshelf: (video)

Intermediate Pinterest Techniques and Tools

Free Resources

Now, for my intermediate Pinners, this section is for you.

White Glove Social Media: 75 point checklist here

PostPlanner: Guide to Pinterest for Business

At this stage, you know how to use Pinterest and you’ve learned how to set it up. Now you need to realize Pinterest is part of your overall strategy. So this is the time you add better pins or infographics to the traffic-generating posts. You add call to actions on your posts that are clear and start funneling your traffic through a strategic experience.

This is the point you also start reviewing Pinterest analytics and turning that data into strategic improvements on your sites and pins. Use the popular pins at the top of your funnels.

Social Media Examiner: Pinterest Analytics & 6 Metrics Worth Measuring Learn How to Use Pinterest Analytics to Change the Way you Pin

Hiring Help with Pinterest

You’ll also be interested in this stage in hiring assistance and streamlining your systems for creating and/or scheduling your Pinterest use.

I used and to find help from experienced designers who love and need to work to provide for their families. The ladies that I have hired have been with me for 5 yrs and 1.5 yrs so far and I love them to death!

I’m not an HR person, but I do believe that hiring the right person and creating a positive work environment can be accomplished even by us novices.

>>>Clients of WPBarista have access to my exclusive list of temp VA’s.

Tools for Scheduling Pinterest

Buffer App: I like this one because it is all-in-one and really easy to use.

Boardbooster: I like this one because I find it easier to use. Of course the one you’re familiar with is always easier!

Tailwind: This is the favorite for a lot of advanced users, primarily because of the ‘tribe’ use.

Pinterest Resources for Advanced Pinners

Free Resources 56 Ways to Market with Pinterest (use #36 and up!) Pinterest Analytics Guide Understanding Pinterest Auctions (CPC)